There are several methods of getting to "EXPLORE: The Great Gatsby" on the Kitely Grid.

ONE WAY . . . "from the Inside"

If you are logged into a location on the Kitely Grid, such as the Kitely Welcome Center, open your MAP Button and type the words EXPLORESeanchai into the small search window of the map panel and press "Search".

When EXPLORESeanchai appears on the map, click the "Teleport" Button to be transported to the central area of the sim . . .

NOTE: The more saavy you get you can adjust the coordinates you are teleporting to by changing them in the "Location" windows.  
Here you are!  In the EXPLORE Welcome Center.  You can check out the helpful information there (especially if you are new to virtual worlds) or you can head over the bridge into The Great Gatsby area.

ANOTHER WAY, if you are a Hypergrid Explorer* or have been to the Seanchai Library's Homeworld before . . . 
(* If you don't know what that means, you probably aren't one)

There is  Teleport Gate at the Main Seanchai Landing Zone that will transport you there . . .

. . . it's Red!


DON’T FORGET ABOUT "THE KITELY PAUSE":  Kitely uses Cloud Servers to support the grid. So the entire Grid is not active all the time, only the specific section/regions that are requested at any given moment by a user. That means there is often a PAUSE once you land somewhere new, while a world is loading up, or when you first log in after the very first time you enter the Grid.  This pause can last anywhere from 2 seconds to over a minute.  DON'T PANIC if you appear to freeze up on your screen.  Just wait, get a glass of water, pour a cup of tea, shoo the cat off your desk, again - whatever.  If the PAUSE does not end after 2 minutes, log out and try logging in again.

In Fact, don't be surprised when logging in to find yourself HERE at a Kitely Transfer Station. Again DON'T PANIC.  As the sign says, the location you intend to arrive in is loading, and you will be transported there shortly.  Wouldn't be great if getting a parking spot at the grocery store was this easy?

YET ANOTHER WAY - "From the Outside"
You can do this with your Viewer open, but not logged in, or if you are logged into Kitely already.  

Go to the Kitely Website and log you account in.  Click on EXPLORE WORLDS and  search for EXPLORESeanchai there.

When you find EXPLORESeanchai  on the World's page, click on the picture . . . 

And choose the ENTER WORLD OPTION on the World Page . . .

Then, either log into Kitely in your Viewer, (or if you are already logged in) and you will be transported to EXPLORESeanchai !  et Voila!

IF YOU GET STUCK, in your Viewer Search under "People" for Caledonia Skytower and ask for assistance.

We are working on refining these instructions all the time, so feel free to give us helpful feedback in the comments section of this page.

Now, on to the AVATAR GUIDE!

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